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It’s a new year and you may have just started your masters degree, your PhD or you may have been busy for some time already. You’re delving into the world of research and are specializing along the way.

Yet some of you may want to look beyond their own area and are searching for a broad perspective along with finding likeminded people from different backgrounds. We, the Louis Bonaparte Society, can help you to easily cross these boundaries.

The Louis Bonaparte Society is a young society for discussion meant for all research master students and PhD’s. We gather over dinner and drinks in an atmosphere of friendship, in order to learn from each other and to share ideas.

[[ If you can't make it to the Grand Opening but would like to hear about future events such as circle meetings, click here ]]

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Grand Opening 2016, 26th September, 19:00. Doors open at 18:45. Location is Centrale Bibliotheek, Oudegracht 167.

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